He charmed us

Mr Mistrík´s way of life and his heritage of peaceful life in harmony with nature and its gifts has charmed us. Therefore we have decided to preserve as much as possible from his original house, where he had been living, and we brought part of his authentic atmosphere. In the attic and basement, we had happened to find his beautiful drawings, which inspired us.

We got them framed and they became an integral part of the cottage´s interior, which we take care of with utmost care. Most of the vintage artefacts belonged mainly to Mr Mistrík. We have combined contemporary with traditional to offer our guests a unique experience respecting the right values, which we believe in.

We are offering

Accommodation in three apartments at the Mistrík cottage; every apartment has a private entrance. Parking next to the cottage under a protective roof. At the garden, you will enjoy a barrel sauna, two fireplaces and 3 cosy places to sit near a babbling brook with drinking water.

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