Terms and conditions for providing short-term and long-term rental of accommodation Chata Mistrík.

1. General provisions
Provider´s services are mainly short-term and long-term rental of the cottage for clients. Subject matter hereof is a provision of stay to the client in agreed date and scope.

Only declared number of persons may be accommodated, any other persons must be reported in advance and paid for.

The client is responsible for facility damages, which are caused by them or persons, who use the cottage with them. All damages caused intentionally or by the client´s negligence are considered to be the destruction of property and the client is required to pay for all the incurred damages.

The client is required to immediately report all defects or failures, which are found in the cottage spaces, or adjacent land.

For a report of damage applies 100 % of the price. For deliberate concealment applies 200 % of the price. If the client fails to pay the agreed amount, the facilitator assigns a claim to the third party, who is legally authorised to represent them.

The client undertakes, that they shall pay for all the costs incurred by damaging the cottage equipment and caused by them or by persons, who used the cottage with them.

At the end of the rent, the lessee undertakes to hand over the cottage in condition, in which they took it over.

In case of an accident, injury or other unforeseen circumstances, the lessor or their representant, shall not be held in any case liable.

In all cottage premises, smoking is forbidden. Smoking is allowed outside the premises of cottage and cigarettes butts must be picked up and thrown out.

Silent hours are from 10:00 pm to 06:00 am.

Client in the entire cottage and its surroundings cannot realise any changes or repairs of electric equipment or otherwise alter the electrical system.

Provider reserves right to end the stay immediately, when the client fails to comply with the Terms and conditions for stay, or caused significant damage to the cottage and its equipment, or if the behaviour of client or persons, who use the cottage with them, is indecent.

At the same time, the operator of Chata Mistrík reserves right not to allow next stay to the clients, who behaved in an aforementioned manner in past.

By advance payment, the client accepts terms of cancellation and acknowledges, that they read, understood, agree and fully accept these Terms and conditions.

2. Duration
The contractual relationship between provider and user is established by realising telephone order or webpage order form confirmed by the provider and by paying the full amount for accommodation by the lessee (client). The contractual relationship terminates after the agreed period, which was reserved for the stay.

3. Booking
The client can book their stay directly at the webpage:

In such case, the provider shall notify the client on confirmation of their order and reservation of the cottage by 3 days, and this confirmation is binding for provider only after payment and crediting of the full amount to the provider´s bank account.

4. Rental price
The final rental price is based on the client´s requirements and according to the actual price list published on the webpage:

5. Terms of payment
The full amount for accommodation shall be paid by 3 days as of provider´s confirmation of requested period.

Only after receipt of payment on the provider´s account, the reservation is binding for both parties.

The rental price includes all fees related to cottage usage.

The refundable deposit of 100 € per apartment will be paid by the client to pay for the stay by transferring money to the bank account and after leaving the cottage without any damages, the refundable deposit will be returned within 48 hours from the end of the stay to the guest’s bank account.

6. Rights and responsibilities of client and provider
The client is required to pay for the rental.

The client is required to maintain the rented premises clean and neat.

The client has the right to use rented premises, garden, garden grill, fireplace in the garden, gazebo, designated car parking space, common room for skis, sauna.

If the client is a legal entity, they are required to report an entitled person to the provider.

7. The rental price does not include insurance of client.

8. Order cancellation
a) If the client would like to cancel the order, the provider reserves right to the cancellation fee.

The cancellation fee is as follows:
– more than 30 days before the stay begins – 30 % from the total rental amount,
– less than 30 days (including) – 50 % from total rental price,
– early termination of stay – 80 % from the price for rest of the days, if not agreed otherwise,
– a week before the arrival to Chata Mistrík 100 % from the total rental price.

b) Provider reserves right to cancel a reservation in case, that the rented object cannot be used due to unforeseen events. In such a case, the provider may offer a return of full credited amount to the client or agree on alternative dates for stay.

c) Further changes to the order (change of dates) shall be considered as order cancellation and in such case, the provider has right to the cancellation fee.